HZXVOGEN 5IN1 MIG Welder 200A MIG ARC TIG Welding Machine

HZXVOGEN 5 in 1 mig machine, designed for welding, made of carbon steel and alloy steel, aluminum and its alloys, brass, copper and iron.

It is also a welding machine designed for manual and electric MMA welding of steel and other weldable metals and alloys. It is different from other mig welders in that it can weld aluminum.

  The machine can be used for production process, workshop, maintenance work and scrap welding.

HBM2280 adopts the latest technology and IGBT transistors, which can reduce electromagnetic interference, reduce power loss, improve power supply efficiency and reliability, and reduce power consumption.

Key features:

1.THE MOST ADVANCED MULTIFUNCTIONAL WELDER - HZXVOGEN HBM2280 MIG welder with wider LCD displayed, it is a smart control. It is super easy and convenient to chose the welding mode, material, welding wires, tungsten rods, electorde and the workpiece thicness you need by spinning and pressing the buttons. It will show all the parameters clearly

2.CAN WELD ALUMINUM - This welder can weld aluminum, iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. This mig welder came with qualify accessories: MB15 mig gun, 1.5m earth clamp, 1.8m electrode holder, 1.0mm 1kg flux cored wire and US plug. This welder features a easy carrying handle, compact design, easy for translation and storage

3.MIG FUNCTION - 1. MIX GAS can use 0.6/ 0.8/ 0.9/ 1.0mm flux wire. When using 0.6/ 0.8/ 0.9mm wire, it can weld 0.7 ~ 3.4mm thickness. When using 1.0mm wire, it can weld 1.2 ~ 6.4mm thickness. 2. GAS (CO2) can use 0.8/ 1.0mm wire. When using 0.8mm wire, it can weld 0.9 ~ 4.8mm thickness, when using 1.0mm wire, it can weld 1.2 ~ 6.4mm thickness

4.TIG FUNCTION - Can use 1.6mm and 2.4mm tungsten.When using 1.6mm tungsten can weld 0.7 ~ 4.8 thickness, using 2.4mm tungsten can weld 1.2 ~ 6.4mm thickness

5.MMA FUNCTION - Current 10 ~ 170 amp. Can weld 2.5/ 3.2/4.0mm electrode. Using 2.5/ 3.2mm rods, can weld 1.6 ~3.4mm thickness. Using 4.0mm rods, can weld 3.4mm ~ 8.0mm thickness


Rated input voltage (V) - 110V 220V

Frequency (HZ) - 50/60

Rated input power (KW) - MIG: 5.7; TOG: 4.37; MMA: 6.3

Rated input current (A) - MIG: 36.0; TIG: 28.1; MMA: 40.5

Rated input apparent power (KVA) - MIG: 7.8; TIG: 6.21; MMA: 8.9

Welding current adjust range (A) - 10 ~ 200

Welding voltage adjust range (V) - 10 ~ 26

Duty cycle (40℃ 10min) - 25%, 200A; 60%, 150A; 100% 130A

No load voltage (V) - 50V (adjustable)

Power factor - MIG: 0.73; TIG: 0.70; MMA: 0.71

Efficiency(%) - ≥80%

Protection class - IP23

Insulation class - F


Package include:

1 x HBM2280 MIG welder

1 x MIG torch

1 X Electrode holder(The cable 1.8M)

1 X Earth clamp(The cable 1.8M)

1 X Gas tube(The long 3M)

1 X Adapter plug(110V/220V machines will have it)


Special Design about machine:

1.Large LCD screen

 You can adjust the mode of using the machine, easy to use.

  1. Unique 2T, 4T function.

When you use the 2T function, use the welding torch to lightly touch the switch to weld.

When you use the 4T function, you can press the torch switch, you can continue welding, you don’t need to hold the switch all the time, just press the switch to end the welding.

3.About welding wire

You can put 1kg of welding wire,please note that it can hold up to 5kg of welding wire.

4.About Welding gun.

MIG function:

This machine can use our mig welding gun MB24,and when it use spool gun,You can get a more perfect welding effect.




Lift TIG Function:

This machine can use WP-26V tig machine.






This model is covered by a Two-year product warranty, which will give buyers confidence in this type of investment.


More than a million users have found this useful. In fact, you can depend on it for maximal impact. Unlike some other products, the instruction booklet of this is comprehensible and you can use it for maximal operation.



Looking for a new design machine that improves efficiency?? If yes, then this is one of them. You can’t just get it wrong with the purchase of this product.


This machine has high-quality, multi-function, and high cost-effective evaluation, and can meet your various needs for welding.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Is it a unit that one can comfortably use on day-to-day bases for a long period of time?

Answer: Definitely.


2.Can this machine weld aluminum?

Answer: it is can weld aluminum,it is mig function,the lift tig function can not weld aluminum.


3.What gas should be used for aluminum welding function?

Answer:Use argon for aluminum welding function gas


4.Can this machine adjust the wire feeding speed?

Answer: Yes,adjustable.

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