Before using, please remove the protective film away from the screening glass,which located front and back of the lens

Shading adjustment: The adjustment knob on the left side of the auto helmet. Open the switch,adjust the button,according to the electric circut to choose the suitable shading number

Sensitive adjustment: The adjustment knob on the upper-left of the LCD core box. Namely the response time:from the light shade to the dark shade. By adjusting the button "sensitivity" to change the sensitivity which receiving the signal of the electric welding light.Adjust a little higher when the welding current is low.

Delay time adjustment: The knob locate on the upper-right of the auto helmet

Light States: DIN 4
Dark States: DIN5-13 free adjustment
View Area: 105 x 56mm, 96 x 48mm, 96 x 35mm
Response Time (bright to dark): < 1/30000 seconds (normal temperature condictions)
The Return Time (Dark to bright): adjustable: 0.15s – 0.8s Sensitivity (welding based on current size): adjustable: low/high
Battery: Lithium battery + solar cells
UV Protection: 16 levels Working Temperature: -5°C - 55°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C - 70°C
Life Expectancy: 10 years

Protect You from Being Injured by Harmful Rays

Protect You Comprehensively

Strong Packaging

Liquid srystal of high quality and optical coating, and protection for shielding ultraviolet and infrared rays (level of protection: 16#) are adopted to protect welding operator from being injured by harmful rays, sunch as ultraviolets rays, infrared rays, etc.

HZXVOGEN welding helmet is super easy to operate and comfortable to wear. The helmet shell materials with soft texture are resistance to high/low temperature, corrosion, flame-retardant and light-proof, with high strength, and durable. It may comprehensively protect your face, neck, ears and so on.

We have strgthen our packaging box to protect our wleding helmet well during transpotation.

Comfortable to wear, stylish appearance

Auto Darkening Lens

Updated Headgear

The safe structure design adopts a world famous style, comfirm to the ergonomic principle, and provides an ample internal space. which makes it easy to operate and comfortable to wear.

 Unique design anti-interference switch avoids not seeing welding object clearly due to complex surrounding nearby.

Different from traditional passive shading lens, our lens are made from various additives and pigment. ADF adopts LCD as lens ADF, using the probe on mirror surface to probe the apparance and disapparance of arc when welding, and using electricity to drive shading level of the LCD to achieve the goal of protecting us from harmful rays, can absolutely reflect ultraviolet rays and ultrared rays. In addition, hands thoroughly set free. Welding is more exactly. Therefore, effciency is improved.

Headgear with oversized comfort cushion provides extensive adjustability, settings, and improved support for better fit and comfort.

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