HITBOX HBC5500 55 Amp Plasma Cutter
HBC5500: 【55 Amp 80% Air Plasma Cutter】 The HBC5500 cutting machine adopts the inverter technical of switch power, greatly reducing the dimensions and weight of the main transformer. The energy-saving can reach up to 50% as well as efficiency is...
HBT250P: 【 Multiprocess Welder 4 IN 1】 The HBT250P is a multi-functional Aluminum welding machine supports ARC/AC TIG/ DC TIG/Pulse TIG 4-in-1,professional aluminum welding machine, allowing you to achieve multiple welding on one machine!Welding of almost all metals, such as...
HITBOX AT2000 welding machine 110V /220V dual voltage MMA lift TIG 2in 1
HITBOX AT2000: Input Power Voltage(VAC): 110V/220VRated Input Capacity(KVA): 5.8Rated Input Current(A): 52A 110V; 26A 220VOutput Current Range(A): 20-160ADuty Cycle(%): 60No-load Voltage(V): 64±3%Insulation Class: FProtection Class: IP23Electrode Diameter (mm): 1.6-3.2Package weight: 3.75KG (8.26LB)Package size: 32*15*29cm(12.59*5.90*11.41in) Why should we use HITBOX AT2000...
HITBOX CT520 4 in 1 Pulse TIG Welder Plasma Cutter Welder&Cutter
CT520: 【4-in-1 Plasma cutter/welder combo】: 110v/220v 10-50Amp High Frequency plasma cutter max ideal cut thickness: 1/2" ;Max Severance Thickness: 3/4";200amp TIG Pulse Welding Equipment allows welding thinner metals andhigh heat conductive metals without burning through.200amp stick/mma/arc electrode welder Efficiency: 80%.Real...
Produkt: HITBOX MIG Welder 200Amp Inverter MIG ARC Lift WIG Gas Gasless 4 in 1 Multifunktions MIG Schweißen Mahcine 220V Fülldraht Massivdraht Schweißgeräte MULTI FUNCTION MIG WELDER 200A mit MIG/ARC/LIFT WIG Gas Gasless Multifunktions 220V DC Inverter Schweißgerät GAS&GASLESS VERFÜGBAR...
HITBOX MIG200 II 5 in 1 MIG Welder
5 IN 1 MIG WELDERSuppoort welding mode:1.MIG gasless/flux cored2.MIG CO2/MIG MIX3.ARC4.LIFT TIG5.Welding AluminumARC welding curret 20-180AMIG welding current 17-200ALIFT TIG welding current 10-180A   - 200 amps oversized welding current- Synergic control of welding, multiple parameter combinations with welding- Voltage...
HITBOX Upgraded MIG200 II 4 in 1 MIG Welder
HITBOX 5 in 1 MIG Welder 200Amp Synergic 110V/ 220V Multifunction Aluminum Inverter MIG ARC Lift TIG Gas Gasless MIG Spool Gun Compatible Flux Cored Wire Solid Core Welding Machine Equipment (Upgraded MIG200 II) 1. Multi-Process Welder :The latest version...
HITBOX MIG250 4in1 Mig Welder Digital Welding Machine 250A Tig Arc MMA Welder Inverter
HITBOX MIG250 mig welder The HITBOX welding machine is easy to use and perfectly suited to both experienced users and beginner. You can carry out a lotsof welding jobs, like automoive, metalworking, house repairs or more routine work. Whether you...
ONLY used to HBM200 MIG Gasless Welder  REMIND!!! This just the 14AK MIG Torch Not include Welding Machine !!!!! REMIND!!! This just the 14AK MIG Torch Not include Welding Machine !!!!! REMIND!!! This just the 14AK MIG Torch Not include Welding Machine !!!!!  
HITBOX MIG250 MIG Welder With LED Digital Display
HITBOX MIG250 mig welder The HITBOX welding machine is easy to use and perfectly suited to both experienced users and beginner. You can carry out a lotsof welding jobs, like automoive, metalworking, house repairs or more routine work. Whether you...
Produktbeschreibung 220-V-Puls-Mig-3-in-1-Inverter-Schweißtechnologie Synergy-Steuerungstechnologie-Maschine, wählen Sie den Modus aus, den Sie verwenden möchten, stellen Sie den richtigen Strom ein, Spannung und Drahtgeschwindigkeit werden automatisch durch den Strom geändert. Für das Schweißen von Aluminium, Edelstahl und Eisen, selbstgeschützte Gas- und Nichtgas-Schweißmaschine. Aluminium-Silizium-Schweißen...
HITBOX MT2000II 4-in-1 gasloses MIG-Lift-WIG-Schweißgerät
MT2000II: 1. Fortschrittlicher IGBT – Maximiert die Widerstandsfähigkeit gegenüber Überlastungen, verbessert die Arbeitseffizienz, verlängert die Betriebszeit und verbessert die Stabilität.2. Verwendung eines amorphen Kupfertransformators – Hochfrequenztransformatoren mit starker Leitfähigkeit können Energie sparen, hohen Temperaturen standhalten, lange Betriebsstunden ermöglichen und Verluste...
HITBOX HBM200 3 in 1 MIG Welder
[3 in 1 function] Equipped with one-touch intelligent control system and digital display. 200Amp output allows you to weld mild steel up to 5/32” in the plate. Suitable for 0.30” & .035” flux core wire. Automatic change of the voltage...
HITBOX HBT2000 2 in 1 TIG MMA welder
HBT2000: 2in1TIG/MMAWeldingMachine.Theactualoutputcurrentis20-200Amp.TIGsupports2T/4Tfunction.2T:arcstartswhentheswitchispressed;4T:Justpresstheswitch twice,onetostartandonetoend.Supportfastspotwelding,cansetdownslope/postgas/current.Supportweldingof0.3mmultra-thinplate,andthematerialisnotdeformed.UpgradeIGBTinvertertechnology,withintelligentfunction,morethan3minuteswithoutworking,automaticallyenterstandbystate,reducenoise,reducepowerconsumption.Suitableforweldingstainlesssteel,alloys,carbonsteelorothernon-ferrousmetals.1year warranty,restassuredtochoose.   Product Features:   - Brand new and high quality - Appearance design patent, Digital LED display when use, Featuring controlling knob,start with VRD, With gas delay adjustment function knob,and 2T 4T function. - Adopts IGBT...
HITBOX HBT2000pro Tig Pulse/Tig Cold 4 in 1 Welder
200Amp TIG/Stick welder ,High frequency up to 100KHZ suitable for stainless steel, alloy steel, low carbon steel, copper, cast iron, chromium and other metals 110V/220V Dual voltage IGBT inverter Tig/ARC welder features automatic overheat and over current welding protection. A...
$419.99 $299.99
HBM1200 & 3 In 1 Mig Schweißgerät ARC Lift Tig Mig Gasloses Doppelspannungs-Schweißgerät
HITBOX 3 In 1 Mig Welder ARC Lift Tig Mig Gasless Dual Voltage 110V/220V 120A No Gas Flux Core Wire IGBT Multifunktionsschweißgerät (Modell: HBM1200) Dual Voltage 110V/220V Tragbares MIG-Schweißgerät HBM1200 *Inverter-Mig-Schweißgerät 110V/220V, aktualisierte Version des alten mig120, neue Maschine bietet...
HITBOX ARC200D MINI 2 in 1 Welder
ARC200D MINI: Size:110/220V Stick Inverter welder ARC200D 110V/220V 190A output with 40% d/c , fairy strong 1/2 hour non-stop at 150amp with 7018 rods , portable size 6.3lb complete package ready to use The MMA200 welder is the perfect choice...
HITBOX ARC160D Synergic Stab-/Lift-WIG-Schweißgerät
Lichtbogenschweißgerät der neuen Generation   Es kann sowohl für 100 V als auch für 200 V und mit beiden Eingängen verwendet werden. Mit einem großen Strom von 160 A kann es alkalische Schweißstäbe verarbeiten! !! Eine Verlängerung des Schweißkabels auf...
HITBOX 110/220V 200AMP Stick Welder Arc MMA Welding Machine Dual Volt 60% Duty Cycle Portable IGBT Inverter Welder   10-200A welding range HITBOX stick welder is easy to strike an arc with little spatter, stable current, and good performance.The weld...
HITBOX HBC8000PRO 40 Amp Plasma Cutter
Read more Cuts stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum, and other metal materials with ease.Suit for installation engineering, construction processing, auto repair, advertising processing. Equipped with built-in air compressor, do not need to install air compressor regulator. You...
HITBOX LGK80 Plasma Cutting Machine 380V 3 phase Air Plasma Cutter
LGK80 input voltage is 3phase 380V  can cut 20mm thickness    accessories:  P80 cutting torch earth clamp hose 
HITBOX NBC270 MIG welder machine can load 5KG wire 220V
1, It can realize CO2 gas shielded welding and manual welding;2, 0.8mm welding wire, the spot welding performance of thin plate is excellent, and the shape is beautiful;3, Current/voltage pre-display, digital display function, preset wire feeding speed for gas shielded...
HITBOX NB350 Welder
Material / Metal Processed  Carbon steel ,Stainless Steel Rated Input Voltage 3ph 380 V Max. Load Power Capacity 23.8KVA Rated Output Current (MIG) 350A  Rated Duty Cycle @40°C (MIG) 80% Wire Feeding Speed 22 m/min Applicable Industries Building Material Shops, Machinery...
HITBOX LGK120 Plasma Cutter
Rated Input Voltage 3 Phase 380V/415V Max. Output Current: 120A Rated Power 20KVA Rated Duty Cycle @40°C 100% Applicable Industries Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops,  Max Penetration Thickness(mm) 20mm--30mm Maximum Cutting Thickness (mm) 40mm
$900.00 $629.99

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