5 in 1 SYN MIG-200 Pro Welding Machine

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Typically, Hitbox welders are available in the market with a wide range of styles. These welding equipment are inexpensive, allowing them to appeal to a wide range of clients. You might find a combination of good and bad mix reviews for this 5 in 1 SYN MIG-200 Pro model from different clients.

As, the 5 in 1 SYN MIG-200 Pro is adaptable, robust, and has a lightweight design that makes it quite stress-free for the user to operate at home or carry from one job site to another. So, if you require a welding machine that can satisfy, your job requirements at a reasonable price then this HITBOX welder should be on your list. Its price is reasonable when compared with the features it provides. Since its multi-functional, hence, it can easily become an alternative for a budget-conscious pro who wants to perform different types of welding tasks such as Aluminum, Iron, and stainless steel. Moreover, this Hitbox 5 in 1 SYN MIG-200 Pro Welder is dual voltage, meaning it can work with either 110V or 220V power.

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Key Specifications:

  • Rated input voltage (V) 110V 220V
  • Rated input power (KW) - MIG: 5.7; TOG: 4.37; MMA: 6.3
  • Rated input apparent power (KVA) - MIG: 7.8; TIG: 6.21; MMA: 8.9
  • Rated input current (A) - MIG: 36.0; TIG: 28.1; MMA: 40.5
  • Welding current adjust range (A) - 10 ~ 200
  • Welding voltage adjust range (V) - 10 ~ 26
  • No load voltage (V) - 50V (adjustable)
  • Efficiency(%) - ≥80%
  • Protection class - IP23
  • Frequency (HZ) - 50/60
  • Duty cycle (40℃10min) - 25%, 200A; 60%, 150A; 100% 130A
  • Power factor - MIG: 0.73; TIG: 0.70; MMA: 0.71
  • Insulation class – F




  • This welding machine includes the most advanced multi-function features for instance wider LCD that can display
    • Super easy to switch between mode
    • Smart Control
    • Multi welding modes
    • Other welding parameters include material, Tungsten rods, workpiece thickness, electrodes, and welding wires





  • Weld Aluminum, Carbon steel, iron, stainless steel, etc. Moreover, it can perform amazing functionality on MIG synergistic settings, stick welds, MIG manual settings, Lift TIG welds, and Gasless Flux wire MIG Welds.
  • Dynamic control-set arc control you can handle your preferences either soft or crisp on different applications
  • Multi-process Welder such as MIG/TIG/Stick Multi-Process Welder with MIG-200 PRO 200 Amp 220V is included.
  • A synergic welder with a 3-in-1 multi-process is a powerful pack to perform welding.
  • Inverter technology such as IGBT brings high power within a compact and light size. This technology works great during factory maintenance, hardware equipment, decoration, and car modification. Thus, this welder has a tendency to perform MIG welding for aluminum, LIFT TIG, and ARC.
  • With advanced IGBT technology, the welders can enjoy the welding process, efficient work, and durability to overload, increase instability, and long service time.
  • Smart chips in these welders help them cool down rapidly. Hence, protecting the welding machine from any damage of overheating.
  • Premium quality large capacitor.  
  • MIX GAS can use 0.6/ 0.8/ 0.9/ 1.0mm flux wire
  • TIG can use 1.6mm and 2.4mm tungsten.
  • MMA Current 10 ~ 170 amp


  • The lead clamps and plug, according to several clients’ complaints, are made of poor quality. As a result, they needed to buy new ones to use with this machine. Furthermore, the other supplied accessories are of poor quality as well.
  • Some customers are not satisfied with the product service and quality it provides. For them, they consider it as a low-quality Chinese product.


Trust us! Heavy welding becomes more enjoyable with this Hitbox 5 in 1 SYN MIG-200 Pro Welder. Also, you will get multi-functionality with good quality. Though it is an expensive welder, when we compare its functionality the product is a great value to your money.

The product 5 in 1 SYN MIG-200 Pro welder has garnered mixed feedback, with half of the reviews being good and the other half being negative. I normally don't endorse items that have a lot of mixed suggestions. Rather, I promote items that provide an excessive number of benefits. But with this product, I suggest you can go for it if you are working on different welding materials and not bound with one welding type.


What are the dimensions of 5 in 1 SYN MIG-200 Pro?

The specific model 5 in 1 SYN MIG-200 Pro Welder is Height 13inch* width 17.7inch* Length 7.9inch. 

Does the 5 in 1 SYN MIG-200 Pro Welder have a smart digital panel?

Yes, this welding machine has a smart digital panel

Can we select multiple welding materials in 5 in 1 SYN MIG-200 Pro?

Yes, this welding machine enables the welders to select different welding materials.

2 comentarios

  • Publicado en por Ian
    My machine came with a TIG gun as advertised but there is nowhere on the machine to connect the shielding gas pipe. The company have replied to my queries 2 or 3 times and say they have sent me a video of how to use it for TIG but no video has arrived. The MIG gun and spool gun connect to the multi-pin socket which includes a gas connection. The threaded union on the TIG gas pipe does not fit anywhere on the base machine, nor will it fit any regulator. Am I making some fundamental mistake?
  • Publicado en por Anthony Brienza
    So I bought one of these hooked it up flux core wire cannot get an ark I’ve been welding for 15 years don’t know what the hell the issue is be better if there was a manual that was in English but honestly they’re not that complicated so any help would be appreciated before I throw this thing in the trash

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