How About The Quality of HITBOX HBT2000 Welder?

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(Effects of using HITBOX TIG Welder HBT2000 for 3 month)


Today, I will share the experience using of HITBOX HBT2000.


The HITBOX TIG Welder HBT2000 is made by the Chinese company Unitweld Welding and Motor.  this welder is an outstanding welder.It is dual voltage welding machine with both TIG and stick options. If you are searching for an affordable TIG welding machine with a quality performance then HBT2000 would be the best choice for you.


What’s included with the package?

1pc- 4M (157inch) WP-17 tig torch

1set -tig torch consumables

1pc- gas tube

2pcs- gas tube hoop

1pc -2M (79inch) earth clamp

1pc -3.1M (122inch) electrode holder

1pc- convert line convert plug from 110V to 220V


HITBOX HBT2000 setup and video


HITBOX HBT2000 Specifications:

Dual voltage:110V/220V

You can operate the machine both on 110V and 220V outlet


Duty cycle:60%






Welding process:TIG/ARC


You can do not only TIG weld but also Stick weld with this machine.


Base material:0.5-4.0mm carbon stainless, 1.5-6.0mm low-alloy steel


Welder Net Weight:4.85 KG / 10 lb


Surprisingly lightweight so that you can easily move the unit from one place to another.


Why should use HITBOX HBT2000 welder?

1.60% high duty cycle, superior output


HITBOX HBT2000 has really pleased me well with its performance. The welder has a great TIG option. Without any issues, I could TIG weld in a full roll cage, suspension parts, and many other projects.


The stick option for this machine is also wonderful. It is really simple to start the arc. I welded stainless bar stock with 1/16 inch stainless rods and mild steel with 3/32” 7013 rods and got a pleasing result.


2.IGBT inverter technology


You will weld 5/16 inch maximum steel at full strength with the welder. The technology of the inverter allows it to achieve a frequency of up to 100 kHz, generating 25% more heat while welding. IGBT technology is another valuable technology in the HITBOX HBT2000 Welder.

3.2T & 4T Functions


2T(Manual) / 4T(Semi-auto) switch is available, you can release your finger for long time welding job when on 4T. 2T is suitable for the re-tack welding, transient welding or thin plate welding. 4T is suitable for welding medium thickness plates.

  1. Powerful Welding Application


TIG welding thickness 0.3-5.0mm, application of Tungsten electrodes diameter: 1.0/1.6/2.0/2.4/3.0mm. Suitable for welding different metals such as steel, stainless steel, carbon steel etc. (Can’t weld aluminum). ARC welding thickness 1.5-6.0mm, application of electrodes diameter: 2.5/3.2mm.

Question & Answer


Why should you buy this?


Answer: This is a quality product at an affordable price. The hobbyists and beginners can have this machine in their garage without any confusion. It is one of the best TIG/stick welding machines for the money.


Who should buy this?


Answer: We may not recommend it for heavy-duty welding given the price it comes at. It is therefore suitable for lightweight projects and start-ups. You may obtain the correct service whether you are a specialist who wants a welder for home or light work.


Can I TIG aluminum with this machine?


Answer: You can't TIG weld aluminum with this machine as it is not an AC machine. If you want to Weld aluminum you can choose either HITBOX SYN-MIG200 PRO,it is MIG Weld aluminum.


What is the warranty policy for this product?


Answer: 2 Years.


What should I look for when buying any HITBOX welding machine?


Answer: There are many things to consider when buying any welder. And to be specific about HITBOX models, we suggest that you look for the duty cycle, welding modes, gas, and electric option. But most importantly, make sure you pick the welder with IGBT inverter technology.


After-sales service email of HITBOX electric welding machine






HITBOX HBT2000 is one of the best welding machines for the money. Having this welding machine in your garage would be a great addition to your daily work.


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