HITBOX G Ground Welding Earth Clamp

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HITBOX G Ground Welding Earth Clamp 0.75kg Full Cooper 400A High Standard Solid Brass Earth Clamp for Industrial Use

Product Description

  • 400A C-Ground Clamp for Welders
  • Solid Brass for most woodworking and metalworking applications
  • The C-Clamp features a copper design to resist welding splatter and is perfect for welding set-up chores as well
  • Net weight 0.75kg full copper high standard earth clamp, strong earth clamp.
  • Material comparison: ordinary ground clamp is easy to rust, scratchG-clamp can clip thicker plates
  • The G-clamp is clamped tighter and is not easy to fall. Ordinary ground wire pliers are easy to drop
  • G-clamp current is large, not easy to burn, longer service life 
  • Material: Copper Net Weight: 690g/1.523lb Max Jaw Opening:2.7 inches / 59mm

1. Full Copper design: This c-clamp is completely made of pure copper, with great conductivity and fixedness.
2. Copper design is a better choice for welding set-up chores and strong to resist welding splatter.
3. G Ground Earth Clamp 400Amp can be flexibly used on all different voltages, 110V, 220V, 380V.
4. Can be applied in stick welding, submerged arc welding, gas metal arc welding and gas tungsten arc welding.
5. Package Including: 1x 400-Amp Ground Clamp; 1x Cable Connector.

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HITBOX G Ground Welding Earth Clamp
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