HITBOX HBC5500 55 Amp Plasma Cutter

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【55 Amp 80% Air Plasma Cutter】

The HBC5500 cutting machine adopts the inverter technical of switch power, greatly reducing the dimensions and weight of the main transformer. The energy-saving can reach up to 50% as well as efficiency is increased by 30%.

【Portable Design & LCD display】

Compact plasma cutting machine with LCD digital display and equipped with a portable handle.It is very convenient to operate and carry.

【100% Safety】

This plasma cutter uses non-hazardous compressed air to cut. With protection of electric circuit to against the over current, over voltage and low-voltage situation. Aim to ensure the safe operation.

s【Wide Applications】

Suitable for cutting stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, carbon steel, aluminum, and other metals.Can be widely used at automotive, ducting work, repair & maintenance, metal processing, manufacture, site work etc.

【Buy With Confidence】

Without adding any fancy functions, our cutting machine has only one word: practical. The three-year warranty lasts until you get bored.

HITBOX Plasma Cutter is designed for light cutting projects.

This unit is the most compact plasma cutter one can find in the market and weights only 8kg (17.6lbs). Our HBC5500 Plasma Cutter uses the latest and most advanced IGBT technology.Automatic 110V 220V DC 40A output 60% duty cycle air plasma cutter without dross or slag.It’s like a hot knife through butter.


Main Parameter

 Input Voltage (V) 110V 220 ±15% 
Input Frequency (Hz) 50/60 
Rate power(KVA) 6.0
No load loss(W) 45
Duty cycle(%)@25ºC 70
Power factor 0.85
Efficiency(%) 85
Insulation class B
Protection class IP23
Plasma Arc Starting Touch
Cutting thickness(mm) 16mm (75 psi)
Air flow rate(CFM) 6.5
Output Current Range(A) 10-55A 


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