HITBOX MT2000II 4 in 1 gasless MIG Lift TIG Welder

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1. Advanced IGBT - Maximize durability to overloads, improve work efficiency, longer service time and improve stability.
2. Adopt copper amorphous transformer - High frequency transformer with strong conductivity can save energy, resist to high temperature, provide long working hours and lower loss.
3. Smart chip - Insert smart chip, cooler welder rapidly. When there is something stuck in the machine, it will power off automatically to protect welding machine being damage from overheating.
4. Upgraded large capacitor with premium quality - Its strong anti-electricity fluctuation ability and high energy storage ability can stabilize output current.

Rated input voltage (V):220V±10%
Frequency (HZ):50/60
Rated input power (KW):MIG: 6.8, LIFT TIG: 5.7, MMA: 6.8
Rated input current (A):MIG: 26.9, LIFT TIG: 20, MMA: 24.1
Rated input power (KVA):MIG: 7.8, LIFT TIG: 6.21, MMA: 8.9
Current adjust range (A) :14 ~ 185
Voltage adjust range (V):15.5 ~ 22
Duty cycle :40%, 160A;60%, 130A;100%, 101A
No load voltage (V) :MIG & MMA: 61V, LIFT TIG:18V (not adjustable)
Power factor:0.73
Protection class:IP21S

Package list:
1 X earth clamp can cable,
1 X electrode holder and cable,
1 X MB15 MIG torch,
1 X gas tube,
1 X 0.5kg 0.8mm flux cored wire

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